Melt Fat. Save Your Knees.

Melt fat.
Save your knees.

Elliptical + High Intensity Interval Training in LaGrange, IL


Feel the difference

ELLIPTIHIT (formerly The HIT Locker) is the only gym that uses ellipticals to safely power workouts designed for all fitness levels. Get the benefits of a treadmill without the risk of injury. High intensity, high satisfaction workouts that combine strength training and cardio have arrived.

Friendly & Supportive

Our trainers are there for YOU. Make your next workout fun and positive. Our sessions are designed to give busy people maximum health benefits, from fat-burning exercises to nutrition guidelines, so you feel good inside and out.




Unlike many of our competitors, ELLIPTIHIT training sessions are always led by a certified personal trainer. You receive exercise corrections and modifications throughout the workout so you don't get injured.



amazing workout

Every workout is full body--elliptical hills at a 40-degree incline, fat-melting sprints, and free weight muscle-building exercises. We recommend a minimum of three sessions a week to get leaner and stronger.




Does your current program ask you about your food at every workout? Do they provide you with damage control strategies so you can still enjoy ice cream, pizza and margaritas? We do.




HIT provides a haven of positive energy, guidance, non-judgmental and super welcoming, butt-kicking, confidence-building peace. Thanks to you, I now have my life back.

HR lost 12.8 pounds in 6 weeks



I weigh less now than I did in high school!

Mark B. lost 30.8 pounds in six weeks



I love going to every single one of the trainers’ classes and enjoy varying my workout with each of them!  They are all positive and motivating!

Geri L lost 20.4 lbs and 14.75 inches in 6 weeks.



Besides the obvious weight loss, the tone in my arms, legs and stomach are incredible. I have dropped two pants sizes!!

Cheryl P. lost a total of 15.8 pounds and over 10 inches in six weeks.


First Timer Info

Q: How do I get started with ELLIPTIHIT?

A: Sign up for your first session for FREE to see how you like it. Try any of the 40+ weekly sessions offered. Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a towel, water and gym shoes. Come into ELLIPTIHIT at least 10 minutes before your first session so the front desk can get you all signed up and the trainer can ask you about any injuries or concerns you have. Click here for this week's schedule.

Q: What is an ELLIPTIHIT session like?

A: ELLIPTIHIT (formerly The HIT Locker) is the only easy-on-the-knees group training facility in La Grange. You'll be doing hills, sprints and simulated runs on an elliptical machine as well as strength training segments using free weights and suspension trainers. And we encourage you to take breaks any time you need. As you get more conditioned, you'll take fewer breaks. EVERY time you come in for a workout, your trainer will ask you what you ate and help you stay on track with nutritional suggestions and diet damage control strategies. (We love pizza, too, and can show you how to eat the foods you love and still lose extra body fat!)

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: The average weight loss at ELLIPTIHIT is 2 inches off the belly in 30 days. Our 6-Week Challenge winners have lost up to 30 pounds and 10% body fat. 



Best of the West 2019

ELLIPTIHIT (formerly The HIT Locker) is proud to be voted “Best of the West” fitness facility by West Suburban Living Magazine.