Want to lose weight but exercise feels brutal? 

Then you need an exercise plan that isn't too painful to start -- and gets you results in a short amount of time AND doesn't hurt your knees. 

ElliptiHIT is the only award-winning elliptical workout that helps you get started on your path to a healthier and happier life by slowly introducing fat-melting exercises while protecting your joints.

Geri lost 12 pounds in just 6 weeks

Want to lose weight but exercise feels brutal?

Then you need an exercise plan that isn't too painful to start -- and gets you results in a short amount of time without hurting your knees.

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Lose Weight Fast with No Knee Pain.

Struggling to find a workout routine that doesn't cause joint pain and discomfort?

Difficulty finding an effective and convenient weight loss strategy?

Feeling unable to keep up in the gym or find an alternative at home?

Discover the ElliptiHIT (ee-LIP-teh-HIT) painless weight-loss program today and lose weight quickly without knee pain!

BravoTV celebrity trainer and ElliptiHIT founder, Zen Burgos, takes you through quick and painless workouts that combine the fat-burning benefits of the elliptical machine with metabolism-boosting strength training exercises.

No need for long boring workouts

What can you do for
30 seconds?

Discover how short intervals of intensity (30 seconds to one minute) can ignite your body to burn off those fat stores. You also enjoy as much recovery time as you need while learning weight loss tips with your knowledgable and non-judgmental coach, Zen Burgos.



Zen has over 30 years of experience in fitness, nutrition, stand-up comedy and motivational psychology... and empowers you to do your best without pushing you too hard. 

easy on the back and knees


Zen believes in being cautious (having bad knees & back herself) and shows you how to safely exercise while giving your joints more support than you'll see in other programs.  



The ElliptiHIT app is a convenient solution to use at home or take to the gym. All you need is access to an elliptical machine and a few pieces of equipment.

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Follow the workouts
See your waistline!

Because these exercises are short bursts of intensity followed by recovery breaks, you make progress because you're not so sore that you stop!

  • Take as many breaks as you need... as you get more conditioned, you take fewer breaks!
  • ​During the workouts, you'll hear nutrition tips to help you reach your weight loss goals faster
  • ​Recovery suggestions are peppered throughout the sessions to make you more comfortable post-workout
  • ​Learn simple stretches that make a big difference -- especially with your knees and back​
  • ​Enjoy seeing more definition in your body quickly!

Award Winning 

The best elliptical workout in the world! 

This program is the only award-winning elliptical workout in the world because it utilizes all three aspects needed for weight loss: safe & fun exercise, nutritional guidance, and motivational mindset. 

  • ​WINNER Best of the West 2019
  • ​WINNER Best of Naperville 2022​

Customer Testimonials  

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Melissa D.

"Easy on my body and fun! Cardio does NOT feel like a slog."

Paul B.

"At 47 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life... ever."

What have you got to lose?

Don't wait another year to get in better shape. You CAN do this... and at your own pace, too.
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