Watch these videos and you'll know exactly what to expect at your first ELLIPTIHIT workout. 

What is it like to first start at ELLIPTIHIT? Let us show you. We'll take you through setting up the console and what a warm-up is like.


You can mimic jogging on the elliptical without the impact to your knees! We'll show you the proper stance and set-up to do an easy jog.


During every warm-up, we'll ask you what you ate for breakfast. We know that nutrition is a big part of the fat-loss equation so we want to help you enjoy yourself while still improving your health. Timing is important -- and we discuss many strategies for when to eat protein and how much, when it's best to eat chocolate or even drink alcohol. There's no judgement! We just share strategies that you can try if you like.


While jogging on the elliptical is around 150 strides per minute, running is ideally over 200 strides per minute while keeping your legs slightly bent and keeping your head steady. There's no bounce during a fast run -- and it burns so good! Take a break as long as you need after a hard running interval.


A bounce on the elliptical is not only fun, it works the calves, helps the bone density at the hip joint, shakes out your lymphatic system so you boost your immune system, and gets you to the top of your aerobic zone which is the most efficient fat-burning zone. Lots of great benefits to bouncing!


Sprints get your heart rate up faster than any other exercise. They are tough -- but are key changing your body composition. Not only are you burning a lot of calories, but when your body gets into an oxygen-deprived state (like during sprints) your body realizes it has to use oxygen more efficiently so it will start creating more mitochondria on a cellular level. These little powerhouses are what change oxygen to energy. So the more you do sprints, the better you'll get at using oxygen and the more energy you'll have 24/7!